About Me

I have a degree in Computer science, dated back to 2011. Ever since, i have been freelancing, working with companies and individuals to develop websites, backend API's and mobile apps.

What makes me unique is my focus on client business objectives in order to deliver customized solution that will help sustain a competitive edge and long-term business success. I push boundaries by recommending extra features and functionalities to make the product more productive.


With 8 years experience, I am expert in developing Websites, Mobile Application both Android and iOs, Desktop Softwares for both Windows, MacOs and Linux using ElectronJS, Database Management and backend Application Interface (API's).



JavaScript, Java, Swift, PHP, Python .


Sailsjs, React, React Native(CLI & Expo), Flutter, Laravel, ElectronJS


NodeJS, NPM, Yarn, JSON/XML, RESTful, Git


Docker, traefik


Maria DB, Mongo DB


AWS (Lambda, Serverless, Amplify & AppSync), Firebase & SELF-HOSTING (SERVER MANAGEMENT)

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Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania i push boundaries trough thinking not just about your brand but how all of the digital elements of your business work together.

Through my best-in-class techniques and bespoke growth plans, i will assess your digital problem and put in place strategies that lead to your target success.

I work with anyone, be it a Company or individual both local and abroad as my knowledge cover from normal webapps to backend and realtime applications.

Hire me for a project starting at $15 per hour and i am available for full time job offers.

Whatsapp +255629007763

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